French Caffe

L’art de vivre à la française

In an elegant setting, our French Caffé serves, in the morning, typical French breakfasts with delight, perfumed with tempting scents of coffee, fresh orange juice and gourmet French pastries.

The lunch service consists of freshly baked breads for every perfect French sandwiches. We also propose menus adapted to vegetarian / vegan.

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                Wine Bar

In the evening, we change the ambiance into a Wine Bar.

The presentation of very exceptional cheeses and “charcuteries” plates will sublimate the wine offered from a cellar of excellence.

Wine tasting evenings, under the guidance of a professional will open up unparalleled tasting perspectives.

The knowledgeable staff members are welcoming and eager to help clients to learn about the wines and make selections that pair well with their meals.

Customers can learn more about wines and the various growing regions from periodic wine tastings. The cheeses and “charcuteries” plates served during the evening are perfect for sharing. Customers can be confident that all food is of high quality and freshly prepared from scratch on the restaurant’s premises.

The goal is to make discover the French manners.

Our values: Discretion – Courtesy – Listening

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